Just a few of YardPick's frequently asked questions

How do I post an Item?
Once you have signed up for a free account, or logged in to an existing account, simply hit the “Sell” button in the top navigation… add your title, price, categories, description, and photos then watch the bids roll in.

How many photos can I upload of an item?
You can upload up to five photos of each item in your "store". Of the five you can easily select one as the item cover photo.

How do I set my location?
Log in to your account. Hit the “Edit Profile Information” button (under your Username). Scroll down to the “My Location” section, enter your address and hit go. Once you see the pin on the map hit “Save”.

What if I don’t want my estimated personal or work address pinned on the map?
On the “Edit Profile Information” section scroll to “My Location”. Once you are there and your pin has been placed on the map, drag the pin to a location which makes you more comfortable and voilà, perfect anonymity.

How do I pay for an item?
Once you find an item you like, simply contact the seller using the “Contact Seller” form found below each item detail window and arrange to purchase the item as you see fit.

Any other questions or concerns?
For all other questions about the site, your account, an error, etc., please feel free to contact us using help@yardpick.com.